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Cry Me A River

9 thoughts on “ Cry Me A River

  1. It took 10 years, but Justin Timberlake confirmed something we all assumed - that his hit single "Cry Me a River" was about then-girlfriend Britney Spears.
  2. come on and cry, cry, cry me a river cry me a river i cried, i cried, i cried a river over you. if my pillow talk, imagine what it would have said could it be a river of tears i cried instead? well you can cry me a river go ahead and cry me a river 'cause i cried, i cried a river over you how i cried a river over you.
  3. "Cry Me a River" is an R&B song with an instrumentation that features clavinet, guitars, beatboxing, synthesizers, Arabian-inspired riffs and Gregorian chants. The instruments are arranged into what critics described as a graceful and mysterious melody. Jane Stevenson of Jam! said the single combines gospel and opera. Tyler Martin of Stylus Magazine enjoyed the way that the song Genre: R&B.
  4. Cry Me a River Lyrics: Now you say you're lonely / You cry the whole night through / Well, you can cry me a river / Cry me a river / I cried a river over you / Now you say you're sorry / For being so.
  5. Directed by Richard Parry. With Navid Negahban, Julie Dray, Sam Hazeldine, Dennis Storhøi. Jack Strachan, a shady ex-sports star in hiding out in Norway, is stalked by a mysterious woman he cannot identify who closely resembles his murdered wife, Veronique. Convinced of her evil intent and determined to unmask her, he forces himself to re-live the harrowing events that culminate in Veronique.
  6. Raccoon River Watershed precipitation, , divided into two year halves. “Cry Me a Raccoon River.” Chris Jones writes about the compounding effects of more rain on farm fields in Iowa: “To cope with increased rainfall, farmers are not only using more nitrogen; they’re also installing more drainage tile to better dry out.
  7. Cry me a river Cry me a river, girl Cry me a river Cry me a river, girl, yea yea I know that they say That somethings are better left unsaid It wasn't like you only talked to him and you know it (Don't act like you don't know it) All of these things people told me Keep messing with my head (Messing with my head) You should've picked honesty.
  8. Most often said as "cry me a river." You can cry me a river, but you're still not going to that party tonight! A: "It's so unfair, I work so hard, but I only get a raise every two years!" B: "Oh, cry me a river, I haven't gotten a raise since I first started working!".

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